Converting Google Ad Scripts to Bing Ad Scripts

Bing Ads Scripts
If you’re a power PPC ad manager then you were likely ecstatic to learn that Bing Ads has introduced Scripts similar to the way Google Ads has had it for years.

This post is going to include some differences between Google Scripts and Bing Scripts so that hopefully you can do a few find-and-replaces, and get your existing Google scripts up and running on Bing.

What Are Bing Ad Scripts?

If you don’t already know what scripts are, you’re in the wrong place. Basically, Scripts allow you to add code directly into the Google ad or Bing ad interfaces, which run and can make adjustments to your accounts. Common scripts will modify keyword bids, pause under or over performing elements, modify bid adjustments etc.

Bings ads Scripts are still in beta so the information in this document may change, but here are some changes between Google and Bing scripts which I found when rewriting some of my keyword bid adjustment scripts.

Bing Ad Script Differences

I’ll use a table to show what Google uses, then what Bing uses so that you can hopefully easily find and replace.

Please know that this will be an ongoing process and the table is not complete. Overtime as differences are found, they’ll be updated in the table below. You can find Bing’s full overview of available references and code at

Google Bing
AdWordsApp BingAdsApp
getStatsFor() getStats()
Utilities.formatDate not available


  1. Irene on March 13, 2019 at 3:36 pm

    This is excellent, but is there still nothing to replace formatDate with in Bing Scripts?

    • Peter on March 14, 2019 at 2:28 pm

      Sorry Irene, nothing yet. I haven’t actually had a moment to come back to bing scripts since first writing the post but plan to soon and a bing-friendly alternative to formatDate will be on the agenda.

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