How to Exclude Apps from Google Performance Max Campaigns

performance max app exclusion

Tired of seeing your Performance Max budget wasted due to clicks from unrelated spammy apps (often in foreign languages)? Good news, there is a way to optimize Performance Max campaigns by blocking out apps, which I’ll describe below. One thing to note is that there is no way currently to exclude these specifically on a…

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List of Car Brands

car brands

I’m not sure who else may need this, but below is a list of car brands. They were needed as negative keywords for some ad campaigns I was running and I couldn’t find a plain text list of brands that included brands that would be recognizable to a North American audience. Hopefully, this helps someone…

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List of US States and Provinces for Gravity Forms Bulk Add

gravity forms state provinces

Gravity forms is an amazing form plugin and it offers a lot of advanced custom fields, but one issue with pre-populated states/provinces is that you need to choose to do either one or the other. If you’re located in North America, you often want to allow people to be able to select either one. Below…

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Facebook Ad Setup for Mortgage Leads

facebook ad mortgage leads

A Mortgage broker friend of mine recently reached out regarding his facebook ad setup for lead generation and wanted to see if I could help. Having managed ads for over a decade, his story of poor quality leads was familiar so I reviewed the account and gave a few tips. It seemed potentially valuable so…

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Setting up Google Ads for Lead Generation

google ads lead generation

A friend recently reached out looking for a quick guideline on setting up Google Ads for Lead Generation for his law firm. Here’s a high-level view that I sent him to assist with setting up the ad campaign, and optimizing it for lead results both right off the bat and over time. Absolutely Essential –…

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ETH or BTC? Yes


I’m a Bitcoin bull, but have been slowly seeing more benefits to Ethereum. When I mentioned this in an investment chat with friends, it was challenged and not without good reason. There are many benefits to BTC and I still strongly believe in it and will keep the majority of my holdings in it, but…

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Best 8 Inch Tablet Comparison

best 8 inch tablets

On my hunt for the ultimate portable workstation, I couldn’t find a good side-by-side comparison of the best 8″ tablet options on the market. So here it is. Below you’ll find a table comparing all primary specifications of the top 6, 8-inch tablet options (I reviewed dozens in total but cut out the non-contenders). Hopefully,…

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How to Transfer Ownership of a Google My Business Listing

Google My Business

A client recently needed help transferring ownership of their Google My Business accounts after an employee left. In case you aren’t aware, these listings are viewable within Google Maps, and can appear on the right-hand side of search results, or “Snack Pack” which is locations and a corresponding map showing in search results. Since there…

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Converting Google Ad Scripts to Bing Ad Scripts

Bing Ads Scripts

If you’re a power PPC ad manager then you were likely ecstatic to learn that Bing Ads has introduced Scripts similar to the way Google Ads has had it for years. This post is going to include some differences between Google Scripts and Bing Scripts so that hopefully you can do a few find-and-replaces, and…

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