List of US States and Canadian Provinces Formatted for Contact Form 7 (CF7)

list of states and provinces for contact form 7
Contact form 7 is one of the most popular, if not the most popular contact form plugins for WordPress. It’s incredibly customizable but the one downside of that is you need to enter all of your information manually. There are no pre-formatted drop-down fields which contain for example a list of States or Canadian Provinces.

After repeating the processes of creating these lists too many times, I’ve pasted the lists below so that all you need to do is cut and past them into your cf7 form settings and you’re good to go!

This formatting will most likely work for a variety of different contact forms but since Contact Form 7 is my go-to, and one of the most popular, I’ve titled this post accordingly and used the cf7 mark-up. If you’re using another form system but require a similar setup, then simply cut and paste the states/provinces and ignore the surrounding tags.

The tags below will create a drop-down menu with a blank space first so that visitors will not go with a pre-populated option.
state dropdown contact form 7

List of States

[select states include_blank "Alabama" "Alaska" "Arizona" "Arkansas" "California" "Colorado" "Connecticut" "Delaware" "Florida" "Georgia" "Hawaii" "Idaho" "Illinois" "Indiana" "Iowa" "Kansas" "Kentucky" "Louisiana" "Maine" "Maryland" "Massachusetts" "Michigan" "Minnesota" "Mississippi" "Missouri" "Montana" "Nebraska" "Nevada" "New Hampshire" "New Jersey" "New Mexico" "New York" "North Carolina" "North Dakota" "Ohio" "Oklahoma" "Oregon" "Pennsylvania" "Puerto Rico" "Rhode Island" "South Carolina" "South Dakota" "Tennessee" "Texas" "Utah" "Vermont" "Virginia" "Washington" "West Virginia" "Wisconsin" "Wyoming"]

List of Canadian Provinces

[select provinces include_blank "Alberta" "British Columbia" "Manitoba" "New Brunswick" "Newfoundland" "Northwest Territories" "Nova Scotia" "Nunavut" "Ontario" "Prince Edward Island" "Quebec" "Saskatchewan" "Yukon"]

I hope this helps save you a half hour or so of cutting and pasting.

Have a great day!

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