Adding a Label to a Google Business Location (so you can filter by it in Google Ads)

google business listing filterIf you’re not working on an ad account and just want to add a label to one of your business locations, these instructions will work for that as well, just scroll below to the “Add a label to a business location”.

Why Labels for Google Ads Business Listings?

I recently ran into a situation where a Google ad account was running ads for multiple business locations, but the business manager profile that contained them also held other listings we didn’t want to display.
The easiest way to filter out the appropriate Google Business listings to show in your ads account is to add a label to each of them, and then filter by that label. While there is a business search function to filter out listings, you need to enter the exact business name so if there’s more than one business name you’re trying to add (perhaps they have regional-specific elements to the name), then the search function won’t be appropriate and you’ll need to filter by labels.

To Add a label to a business location:

  1. Go to the GMB manager at and login or click ‘manage now’ top right if you’re already signed in.
  2. Under the list of businesses, click the businesses name that you want to add a label to.
  3. It will look like a search results page with the business listing at the top. To the right of the listing will be 3 dots. Click that.
  4. Click ‘Business Profile Settings’
  5. Click Advanced Settings
  6. Scroll down to Labels. Then click add label and enter what you’d like.

Filtering out by Label

Once you’ve correctly labeled your locations,

  1. go back to Google ads and select the correct account.
  2. Go to assets on the left
  3. Click the Locations tab
  4. If you’ve already linked your GMB account, then you should see it appear. If not, link it.
  5. Click the GMB account and you’ll see all of the available locations (as shown in the image below).
  6. Enter the custom label you added to each location and click save.
  7. You should be ready to go!

google business listing filter

I hope this helps. It’s a bit of a fringe case but adding a label to a business listing is surprisingly difficult so I figured I’d clarify it and try to save you a little time.


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