How to Get HP Scan to Scan in Color

I struggled with this issue for far too long and seeing that there are hundreds of others online who are struggling with it as well, I’ve decided to post the solution here as it’s actually quite simple.

The Problem – Your HP Scanner Scans in Black and White or Greyscale and You Want COLO(U)R!

This issue takes place when you’re using the HP default scanner software called HP Scan. I experienced this issue on Mac but can only assume that PC would experience the same issues.

The Solution – Actually Very Simple

  1. Open HP Scan on your computer. If you’re on a Mac then click on the finder top right and search HP Scan
  2. At the top click ‘File’ then ‘New Scan Session’
  3. HP Scan in Color

  4. Click the little arrow to the right of the scanner (which should show your scanner’s model number). This will expand the menu and provide more scanning options, as per the image to the right.
  5. Scroll down to ‘Mode:’ and click the drop down to select ‘Color’
  6. You should now be able to click ‘Continue’ at the bottom and be all set to go. There are a variety of different settings there if you want to fine tune things, but I’ll leave them to you to play around with.
  7. Hope that helps!


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