Google Asus OnHub Router Review and Comparison

Asus onhub routerAfter some issues with wi-fi coverage using the Hitron CGN2-ROG router from Rogers I decided to upgrade to a Google Asus OnHub router which claims to specialize in avoiding dead-spots.

Being in online marketing, I test everything and decided to do some comparison speed tests of the Asus OnHub vs. the Hitron CGN2-ROG using

The OnHub router was incredibly easy to set-up and actually had a phone app (for Android and iPhone) do all of the work. The app checked connections, downloaded an update and prompted to set a username and password. It was the easiest setup I’ve experienced and thankfully required no usb connection between a laptop and the router.

The Google Asus OnHub had superior download speeds in all situations. The upload speed was surprisingly higher for the Hitron model when testing from two stories above the router, but aside from that it was a commanding OnHub victory.

The tests below are in different locations to test how the signals of each router held up in various situations. The internet connection is a 100mbps download, 10mbps upload cable internet connection from Rogers.

Test 1 – Readings from right beside the routers

Google Asus OnHub

google asus onhub test

Hitron CGN2-ROG

Hitron CGN2-ROG test

Test 2 – Readings from the other side of a wall

Google Asus OnHub

onhub behind retaining wall

Hitron CGN2-ROG

hitron behind foundation wall

Test 3 – Readings from one floor directly overhead

Google Asus OnHub

google onhub one floor overhead

Hitron CGN2-ROG

hitron router one floor overhead

Test 4 – Readings from two floors directly overhead

Google Asus OnHub

OnHub Asus two floors overhead

Hitron CGN2-ROG

hitron from rogers 2 floors

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