New Pinterest Secret Boards

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Pinterest just put new “Secret Boards” into play and you can find them at the bottom of your boards page once logged in (see screenshot below).

This is a great development in my opinion since although social networks are supposed to allow you to grow friendships, Pinterest is a little different in that most users are primarily posting things for their own reference with little concern for how it impacts relationships so there’s no need for most pins to be public.

Secret boards are also a great idea since it would allow you to pin copyrighted content to your board without making it available to the greater public. This is a heated point with Pinterest since people will generally pin anything without regards for any copyright protections. If you read the fine print of Pinterest’s user agreement, when a user pins something to their board it becomes the property of Pinterest and they have full rights to use that content in any way, even if it wasn’t yours to give them.

To my knowledge Pinterest hasn’t seen any legal battles over these legal infringements and I think the primary reason is because website owners are enjoying the extremely high click-through rate of Pinterest which leads to more visitors on their site if they have interesting images to share. I have a hunch though that Pinterest might move more towards private or semi-private boards and remove the embed function on their images so that the code to share an image on another website isn’t readily available.

That’s just my hunch for the day though. I’m a big fan of Pinterest for traffic generation, just make sure you use it responsibly!

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3 Responses to “New Pinterest Secret Boards”

  1. Qasim says:

    Hi Peter,
    Thank you so much for the update, will you be able to share these secret boards with only some friends that you select or it will be strictly to your own use.

    • Peter says:

      Hey Qasim. Thanks for asking. You can grant access to specific others.

      When you set up the board there is a box where you can search for and add viewers.

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