About Me

Peter Elmhirst

I coded my first website at 11 and from that point on have been obsessed with the internet. This has led to multiple online ventures and I currently own The Ad Managers Inc. an online marketing agency and SEMPAD a ppc tool.

My education includes a Bachelor of Commerce with a Major in Marketing, from the University of Guelph. Many people do not know however that my marketing and entrepreneurial career began in an unusual fashion… with dog poop. After being the only soloist to reach the Wes Nicol Venture Competition finals, with a concept for biodegradable plastic dog waste bags (this was at the rise of the green era when this product didn’t exist), I was a recent graduate with no job prospects – so I went for what I knew, poop.

I engineered a design for the biodegradable dog waste bags and worked with a factory in China to produce them. Sales were entirely online based where I branded and sold the bags as ‘Doodeefulls’. In just over 3 years I had sold more than 4 million dog waste bags throughout North America. Business was good but I wasn’t as passionate about contributing to environmental clean-up, as I was about the online marketing elements of the business so I sold the company assets and began acquiring marketing clients.

Over time I realized that while I could generate results beyond business owners’ wildest dreams, but I was not a salesperson so I took a job managing the online advertising of Canada’s largest arch steel building distributor where I could hone my online marketing and sales skills and not focus on cash-flow. I was able to massively increase their lead volume while decreasing their cost per lead and was awarded the ‘Most Notable Achievement’ award for generating over 100,000 leads in a single year. Something which had not been done before in the companies 30 year history.

After two and a half years of hands-on skill honing, I moved up to the next rung of the marketing totem pole and became the Marketing Director of Skin Vitality Medical Clinics, which is Canada’s largest BOTOX® provider. With a strong leader at it’s helm Skin Vitality was an excellent place for me to learn how to manage a team of marketers and work in an incredibly high-competition market. After a year, word of my achievements had spread and clients were reaching out to me trying to have me market them on a contract basis. While I hated leaving Skin Vitality, the opportunity to work with so many major companies, and run my own business again, was too good to be true.

From there I founded an online marketing agency called The Ad Managers Inc. which had a focus on PPC and display advertising for lead generation. After just a year in business The Ad Managers was managing over $6 Million dollars in ad spend and had a staff of three. From there it’s been a lot of late nights and hard work, but the dream came through and a successful company was born.

While still overseeing operations at The Ad Managers, I was inspired by the absolutely horrendous and expensive software “solutions” out there for online marketing so I then began work on a side project called SEMPAD. While SEMPAD is constantly in development, this is to be the ad management platform to rule all ad management platforms.

Just in case you were interested in me personally, I am married to a beautiful woman who’s a veterinarian. We have a small home in Toronto Canada. Our family recently expanded to include a baby daughter, Claire. She joins our existing children, a Golden Retriever named Henna and cat named Armani. I spend free time playing hockey, doing Muay Thai and frantically jotting down new business ideas on whatever scrap of paper is nearby.

If there’s anything more you’d like to know about me, don’t hesitate to reach out and contact me!